IMG_1183 edited for websiteI took the photo to the right in mid-January in Spring, Texas in the dead of winter (prior to the leaves budding out).  It was during a difficult period in my life and ministry.  This first bloom on the Pink Magnolia tree which I spotted from my bathroom window was a “Surprise!” of God’s.  The message was clear:  “Spring is coming in your life just as surely as in My created order.  I am the God of beauty, new beginnings, and dreams.  Surprise, I love you!”



It is my hope and prayer that this website will introduce you to the God I know or, if you already know Him, that it will encourage you to see God’s ongoing work in our lives.  Just as the other buds on the Pink Magnolia would follow suit and open to display a tree in its full potential of beauty and glory (image at left), all of our lives lived for God through Jesus Christ make a complete, beautiful and glorious gift back to God for all the gifts He has given us.



Joyfully, Susan Grittman

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